Thursday, June 28, 2012


It is so crazy that we leave Saturday! I am about to say "goodnight" to Thursday and when I wake up it will be ONE day until we leave for China! Wow! It is coming too fast so fast! I am ready to go for sure. It seems that I have been speeding through this week so fast trying to prepare to go that the eve of our departure has snuck up on me. School has been a delightful, beating this week as I was suppose to have 3 oral book presentations due on Wednesday. I had to push that back to tomorrow (Friday) simply because I was not prepared. Tonight I quickly skimmed through the last book trying to find the main points to discuss in tomorrows meeting with my professor. Because of that as well as meeting with family and friends before our departure to China, my bags are not packed, laundry was left in the dryer (at least it is clean though) and exhaustion is setting in. However, I am grateful as these books have definitely altered my perspective and prepared me for this trip and... in leading this trip.

Please continue (or begin) to pray for our team as we embark on a wonderful journey! Pray for opportunities to share "our story" as well as for safety, good health, team unity and anything else you may feel led to pray for.


Prayer Support Needed!!!

  • For Holy Spirt filling and empowering in the goers, as effective witnesses for Christ (Acts 1:8).
  • For goers’ health, personal issues, logistical concerns, and training effectiveness. 
  • For field facilitators, the intended receptors, and all on-field site items as requested by East-West Ministries and field facilitators. 
  • For effective on-field debriefing and post-field follow-up for both the goers’ and the host receivers
  • For me. I am the trip leader and East-West Rep and I am the youngest one going. Pray that the Lord will continue to prepare me to lead well.
On-Field (June 30 - July 16)
  • Spiritual warfare and Kingdom effectiveness in mission; pray that God will produce Kingdom growth within the students through the efforts of this ESL Camp.
  • Goers’ person health, safety, boldness in the Spirit, humility in serving, and submission to all on-field leadership (myself and the field facilitator leaders).
  • Unity within, and humility among, the on-filed leadership trio.
  • Effective on-field debriefing and appropriate post-field follow-up for especially the goer-guest and the host receivers
  • That I will have boldness when/if necessary as well as humbleness, and a servant-leadership attitude toward the team members. 
  • We arrive back to DFW at 6am Monday, July 15th. Many goers’ will get off the plane and need to head to work that day (Steven and possibly myself). Prayers for sleep and the energy to get through that Monday will be much appreciated! 
  • For friendships made with students on the field to be continued. 
  • During the first one to two weeks post-field, there will be a lot to process. I will let you know of any other specific intercessory prayer items then. 
Thanks for being a participant in this trip to China! -Chelsea

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Robin Oas Painting Raffle

Hey Friends!

Steven and I are ready to head to East Asia but there is one issue... we still need to raise money! We have about $400 left to raise and need your help to send us. My roommate, Robin Oas has painted this beautiful painting for us to raffle off as a fun way to raise the remain amount needed!

12x14 Official Robin Oas Painting 

$5.00 will get your name in the drawing ONE time
$10.00 will get your name in the drawing THREE times
$15.00 - FIVE times
$20.00 - TEN times... etc.

You can even donate online here!

Email me if you have any questions! ( The drawing will be videoed and placed on multiple sites. We look forward to working with you in this endeavor to be humble servants of our Father! 

Be sure to visit Robin Oas' Website to see more of her beautiful work!

-Steven & Chelsea

Monday, August 22, 2011

new home.

So excited to say I have officially moved into a house! It feels so amazing to be settled into a nice place that I can call home for the next couple of years... or so. :) Though I have only been here a couple of days, I know I am going to love it!

This post is mainly for my parents so they can see I am living in a decent place that is not falling apart :)

The house... don't mind the dead plants! :)

This is the Master Bedroom and I share it with my
lovely friend, Erica. (I have the left side)

We have super high ceilings! 

The Master bath.

My side of the bath.

Shower and bath

Bathroom - Truly love all the space to get ready in the am.

Closet! This is my half of the closet.
I am standing in Erica's half to take the pic. 

Our living room. 

The den.

The Kitchen!
Super excited about living here! :)


Thursday, August 4, 2011

the BIG d...

I have been in the lovely (overcrowded) metro city of Dallas for about 6 weeks now and it is rather BIG. Definitely taking a little while to get use to as I search out for small areas in the city where I can feel like I'm not surrounded by a million other people (which never happens). I miss Commerce. I miss being able to run to the grocery store, be there, shop and back to my apartment in 10 minutes. It now takes 10 minutes just to get to the interstate. Hah. There are some pros though. My roommates and I went to the Movie Studio Grill just the other night. Such a neat place. Rather expensive, $6.00 for four cookies, but it was a fun atmosphere to see a movie.

School is great! Just finished up a summer course (A+) and will start up an August mini Monday. For two weeks, class M-F 5:30-9:30 in the evening. Prayers will be appreciated. Lord willingly, I will graduate August 2012!!!

I am working part time in the Graduate Affairs Office on campus. Its a great, convenient job; however, it's barely paying the bills. I am currently looking around the area for another part-time position, which will be more focused toward my degree (Global Leadership) & (Prayers, again, will be appreciated).

Take care -- and I will try and update more often :)

Monday, June 13, 2011

new chapter... or subchapter?

Since, I returned home from China things have been a bit crazy. I was granted a few days to get over the jet lag then began a summer class for my Master's degree at DBU. This class is online so I have been able to go back and forth from Dallas to Longview with no problems. I have had a couple of job interviews in Dallas, mainly on campus. One interview though was through Unlimited Partnerships, or U.P. for short. This is an amazing opportunity where I would be placed to work, in a staff position, at a local church, which is not doing so well. I would probably be the only staff person next to the pastor, secretary and copy machine. Though this would be an amazing mentorship and opportunity where I would learn so much about ministry I am not sure if this is for me, at this point in my life. I truly want to find a community of young adults in Dallas to be apart of and I am unsure I will be able to do that through this position since I will be apart of a church with most likely 50 or less older members. I am continuing to pray about this and continuing to interview this week for a position at DBU. So if you don't mind praying for the Lord to show me some clarity that would be fabulous! :)

Second, I have moved to Dallas. I went from living in small town Commerce, TX by myself to living with 3 other girls in big 'ole Dallas, TX. Of course, one of the girls is not here at the moment but it is still much different having to live with people when you haven't lived with anyone in the past 9 months (skipping the last month of being at home and in China, of course). Things aren't as neat and put together as I would like but I do enjoy the company, at times. Though, I have kept to myself much of the time from setting up my room and concentrating on book reviews (which currently I am taking a break from). I am also sharing a room with another girl. This may be an inconvenience at times but I am saving a ton of money. And,  I am pretty sure the 2 in this room will turn to 3 come August. Prayers again will be nice. Though, I am optimistic and looking forward to the adventure it will be.

Lana is getting married! I am so excited. The wedding is next month and I am so honored to be a bridesmaid. Lana and Josh are such a beautiful couple and it has been amazing to watch their relationship grow. Yes, I was there when it began! :) Hehe. I remember Lana telling me about "this boy" who was in her department at ETBU and come to find out I had tennis class with him. I was able to scope him out and next month they are getting married. So excited!!!!!

I have also got to spend time with my two best friends from ETBU, Channin' and Kristen. They are beautiful married ladies of 3 years now. Kristen has an 8th month old baby and Channin' has a house. Can't believe it. With the three of us living in different towns it has been hard to get together but lately we were able to get together, all three of us to enjoy each others company. These girls held an impressive impact on my life the first couple years of college. They mean so much to me and who I have become. I love them both and so glad the Lord blessed me with such genuine friendship.

The days have gone quickly. Before we know it, August will be upon us and the summer will be over. I have enjoyed the summer so far. Though many of my friends from home are away, this weekend I will get to see a couple of them. So excited to connect with more friends and share in the delight of what the Lord is doing in each of their lives. Plus, it is almost Fathers Day, which also means a book review is due... booo but Father's Day, another time to get together with my family!

Have a beautiful day.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

china update...

Just a few more days, 11 to be exact, and I will be flying high in the air to Beijing, China! Our itinerary has for our group of 5 to be at the DFW airport, Saturday, May 14th at 4:00am. Our first flight to Salt Lake City will leave at 6:00am. Then off to Portland ending in Beijing, Saturday night! It will be a full day of traveling. We will have an orientation in Beijing for a couple of days then fly to Chongqing, China to begin working with English Students at Chongqing Normal University. I can't wait.

Praise Jesus, I have raised all the money necessary to go. Though I had some trouble with DBU misplacing an envelope of checks with a substantial amount of money, praise Jesus they found it 3 weeks later.

I am putting together a prayer partner support list of people who will pray for me during the 2 weeks while in China. If you would like to be on the list and receive update e-mails before, during and after the trip, please e-mail me your e-mail address, physical address and phone number to

Thank you for all you thoughts and please pray for the trip! This will be something completely different from anything I have done in the past. We will have one final meeting Monday, May 9th at DBU where I will turn in my prayer partner list and my China notebook, which I am working on.

Thanks you and God bless!