Thursday, June 28, 2012


It is so crazy that we leave Saturday! I am about to say "goodnight" to Thursday and when I wake up it will be ONE day until we leave for China! Wow! It is coming too fast so fast! I am ready to go for sure. It seems that I have been speeding through this week so fast trying to prepare to go that the eve of our departure has snuck up on me. School has been a delightful, beating this week as I was suppose to have 3 oral book presentations due on Wednesday. I had to push that back to tomorrow (Friday) simply because I was not prepared. Tonight I quickly skimmed through the last book trying to find the main points to discuss in tomorrows meeting with my professor. Because of that as well as meeting with family and friends before our departure to China, my bags are not packed, laundry was left in the dryer (at least it is clean though) and exhaustion is setting in. However, I am grateful as these books have definitely altered my perspective and prepared me for this trip and... in leading this trip.

Please continue (or begin) to pray for our team as we embark on a wonderful journey! Pray for opportunities to share "our story" as well as for safety, good health, team unity and anything else you may feel led to pray for.


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